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My name is Petra Riedlin and I am a LOGO psychologist and therapist practising in the Hague, the Netherlands.

I trained in the UK and work in an integrative way. This means that I draw from a range of theories and interventions that best suit you. This way of working can help you understand how you operate in the world, what drives you forward and what might be holding you back. Sometimes what is holding you back can be linked to early trauma(s) or a firmly held belief. I can offer EMDR to help process and work through these with the aim to allow more flexibility and movement into your life.

You may wish to address a particular problem - a personal crisis or a specific emotional difficulty.

Whatever your reasons, working with the right person in a safe and confidential environment is key.


Integrative Therapy

I offer integrative therapy to adults and adolescents.  This form of therapy is tailored to the client integrating different models and theories in a considered way

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Online Sessions

Traditionally therapy takes place in a consulting room.  Times have changed and so have the demands.


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Having an expat lifestyle can bring with it its own unique set of emotional difficulties and personal concerns.


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