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How can therapy help

My name is Petra Riedlin and I am a UKCP registered psychotherapist practising in the Hague, the Netherlands.

Perhaps you are consulting this page because you find yourself re-visiting the same questions about your life.

You might be looking for some personal development that could lead to some welcome changes.

Alternatively you may know that something has not been right for years and it feels time to take a look.

You may have also come to a point where you find yourself overwhelmed or repeating negative/destructive behaviours that are distressing to experience both for yourself and in relation to others.

You may wish to address a particular problem - a personal crisis or a specific emotional difficulty.

Whatever your reasons, working with the right person in a safe and confidential environment is key.


Integrative Therapy

I offer integrative therapy to adults and adolescents.  This form of therapy is tailored to the client integrating different models and theories in a considered way

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Online Sessions

Traditionally therapy takes place in a consulting room.  Times have changed and so have the demands.


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Having an expat lifestyle can bring with it its own unique set of emotional difficulties and personal concerns.


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Next Steps...

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