Integrative Therapy

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Integrative Therapy

My interest lies in relational psychotherapy and I use many psychodynamic principles in my work.  Therapy can help you with a range of difficulties; relationship difficulties, anxiety, depression, self harm, family issues, loss, anger and identity issues  Most importantly, it can help you feel better about yourself, open up communication, and deepen your relationships.

The first appointment is an opportunity for us to meet and decide whether my services could be of help to you and whether you wish to book further sessions.

Should you wish to proceed, sessions are weekly for 50mins.

Skype / Online Sessions

Traditionally therapy takes place in a consulting room.  Times have changed somewhat and so have the demands.  In keeping with this, I offer online services to those where meeting in a consulting room is not always possible.



I am myself an Adult Third Culture Kid (TCK). I was born in Japan and have lived in 8 countries and many more cities.  With a mother tongue of English, I am the complex hybrid that makes up most TCK’s.  I can offer insight into the child's perspective of being a cross cultural kid (CCK) and/or a TCK.  I can also offer insight into the ways in which a parent (or both parents) can help their child with short term issues (loneliness, loss, re-orientation, anger, new curriculum etc….) and long term issues (identity, loneliness, career vs self, fantasism, elitism, to name a few).                                                      

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